10 Forms of “Other” in English

Hi dear English learners! The more vocabulary you know, the more successful you will be; also, you will understand native speakers better and your communication skills will improve greatly. If that is your goal when it comes to learning English, keep reading because in today’s lesson, we will look at 10 forms of “other” and their use in English.

  • Other/others
  • The other/the others
  • The other one/ones
  • Other than
  • Another (one)
  • Every other
  • The other day/week/month…
  • Each other
  • One after the other/another
  • Otherwise

1o forms of “other” in English


Other is a determiner which refers to the additional thing already mentioned.

For example:

  • Besides this, there are many other ways to use this device.
  • Some of these books are about history and others are about art.

The other/the others

Meaning: the rest.

For example:

  • One apple is red and the other is green.
  • Five students passed the test, all the others failed.

1o forms of “other” in English

The other one/the other ones

Meaning: refers to a particular alternative.

For example:

  • This shirt is too small. Can I try the other one?
  • I don’t like this flavour of ice cream. May I have the other one, please?

Other than

Meaning: used after a negative statement to say that the thing that follows is the only exception.

For example;

  • Donald never appreciated anybody’s work other than his own.
  • The application form cannot be submitted by anyone other than you.

1o forms of “other” in English

10 Forms of "Other" in English
10 Forms of “Other” in English

Another (one)

Meaning: one more.

For example:

  • This cake is delicious. Can I have another piece, please? (Can I have another one)
  • If you buy one, you get another (one) free. Isn’t that amazing?

1o forms of “other” in English

You can use “another” with expressions of time, money and distance.

For example:

  • It’ll take us another hour to reach London.
  • We’ll need another week to finish the project.
  • It’s just another mile before we arrive home.

Every other

Meaning: every second or alternate.

For example:

  • Take this medicine every other day. (not every day but every second day)
  • Peter usually visited his parents every other weekend. (every second weekend)

1o forms of “other” in English

The other day/week/month…

Meaning: a few days/weeks/months… ago.

For example:

  • I met an old friend the other day.
  • Paul bought a new car the other week.

Each other

Meaning: one another

For example:

  • Peter and Pamela used to live next door to each other. That’s how they met.
  • Have you heard? They stopped talking to each other!

1o forms of “other” in English

One after the other/another

Meaning: consecutively, one following the other.

For example:

  • Sally ate three rolls, one after the other.
  • Caroline kept reading the names on the list, one after another.


Meaning: used to say that something bad will happen if you don’t do something.

For example:

  • You have to leave now. Otherwise, you’ll miss the train.
  • Make a shopping list; otherwise, you’ll forget to buy half of the things.
10 forms of "other" in English
10 forms of “other” in English

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