In this lesson, we will be learning 10 different ways to say that you are disappointed so that you can improve and enrich your vocabulary a great deal.

The adjective disappointed means unhappy because your hopes or expectations didn’t come true as someone or something wasn’t good enough.


Meaning: Someone can be disillusioned with something because it is not as good as you expected.

I’ll boycott voting. I feel disillusioned with politics in this country.
All students were disillusioned with their new teacher. He was not what they expected.

Let down

Meaning: disappoint someone by failing to do what they expected you to do.

Will you help me do the project? Please, don’t let me down!
The employees in our company feel badly let down because their salaries were cut down.


Meaning: feeling disappointed because something proved to be bad and unworthy.

People are becoming increasingly disenchanted with the government after the war started.
After the divorce, Michael felt pretty disenchanted with married life.


Meaning: feeling unhappy and disappointed.

Sara felt crestfallen when she found out that her wallet was missing.
When they announced the results, many players were crestfallen.


Meaning: feeling of unhappiness and anger because of the things from the past.

Claudia felt bitter because she couldn’t forget the fight she had with Pauline.
Although there was nothing he could do about it, William felt bitter about his divorce

10 Ways to say "Disappointed"
10 Ways to say “Disappointed”


Meaning: lose enthusiasm and confidence.

Adam felt a bit discouraged after his boss criticised him.
Travis easily gets discouraged when he can’t find the solution to his problems.


Meaning: lose your hope, confidence and enthusiasm after you experienced disappointment.

Terry was totally disheartened, but he still hoped everything would get back to normal.
Everybody gets disheartened sometimes. Even so, we must keep trying.


Meaning: lose enthusiasm and excitement about something.

Her mother felt bitterly dispirited by her daughter’s decision to marry a criminal.
Older and dispirited employees cannot continue under stress much longer.


Meaning: very disappointed.

Brian felt gutted for months when he broke up with Shirley.
When she realised her boyfriend didn’t come to see her off, Joyce felt bitter and gutted.

On a downer

Meaning: disappointed and depressed.

After our team lost, we were a bit on a downer.
You must have been on a downer after you l
ost your job.

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