In today’s lesson, we will be learning some important vocabulary that you need when you talk about jobs. I’ll try to explain 18 adjectives that describe jobs. These adjectives are:

  • Demanding
  • Well-paid/Badly-paid
  • Temporary/Permanent
  • Full-time/Part-time
  • Stressful
  • Challenging
  • Interesting
  • Rewarding
  • Repetitive
  • Dead-end
  • Tedious
  • Unusual
  • High-flying
  • Varied
  • Glamorous


A demanding job requires a lot of skills, time, energy, attention…
Ex: Teachers usually have a family of their own and a demanding job that requires lots of work, patience and dedication.


If you do a well-paid job, you make a lot of money; however, if your job is badly-paid, you have a low salary.
Ex: Although Sarah is a single mother, she has a well-paid job and she can provide for her family.
Peter used to work a badly-paid job in a restaurant until he invented an Internet app and made a fortune.

Temporary / permanent

A temporary job is time-limited. It can last from one day to several years. On the other hand, a permanent job is not timely limited; it is also called a steady job.
Ex: After many temporary jobs, Zoe finally got a permanent position in the local travel agency.


A full-time worker in the UK usually works for 35 hours a week, while a part-time worker works fewer hours than a full-time worker. Part-time worker, for example, can work 4-6 hours a day or at weekends only.
Ex: Thomas works full-time for the local newspaper, but he also has a weekend part-time job in a restaurant because he wants to save money for a new car.


A stressful job includes lots of stress, meaning long hours at work, short deadlines, etc.
Ex: Lorna used to work as a manager for a multinational company; however, she gave up because it was too stressful.
It can also include danger and risk.
Ex: It must be stressful working for the police.

  18 adjectives that describe jobs
18 adjectives that describe jobs


A challenging job is hard, but also exciting and interesting.
Ex: Teaching is a challenging and rewarding job.
Being a tourist guide is a challenging job, but it will enable you to develop your skills and get work experience.


If your job is interesting then you like doing it because it is most probably amusing and stimulating.
Ex: I’d like to be an astronaut. Not only it’s an interesting job, but also well-paid.


A rewarding job makes you feel pleased and satisfied because of the things you do.
Ex: Doctor’s job must be rewarding because of all the people they heal and the lives they save.


If you have to do the same thing over and over again at work, then your job is repetitive. As a rule, this kind of job is not difficult to perform.
Ex: Most of the work we do at the post office is repetitive. You know, separating mail and reorganizing it.
Repetitive jobs are, for example, packing jobs, manual works such as sewing, bricklaying, etc.


A dead-end job is the one with very little or no perspective where you will hardly ever get promoted or get a higher salary.
Ex: Work in a call centre is totally horrible. It’s a dead-end job where you get paid very little and doesn’t offer much when it comes to advancement opportunities.

  18 adjectives that describe jobs
18 adjectives that describe jobs


A tedious job or task is quite boring and frustrating.
Ex: People who work in those small kiosks have such tedious jobs. They spend eight hours inside the small box; besides, everyone can steal their newspapers.


An unusual job is out of the ordinary and can be a bit odd.
Ex: You must admit that a golf-ball diver is quite an unusual job.


A high-flying job is very well paid and offers lots of opportunities for promotion.
Ex: After Derek graduated from college, he got a high-flying job as a stockbroker.


A varied job is characterized by dealing with a variety of tasks and people. It is never dull.
Ex: Working at the Wembley stadium performing so many different tasks and meeting all kinds of people, Meghan thought her job was varied but stressful at times.


A glamorous job is exciting and often includes work on TV and/or some other media. It is related to wealth and success.
Ex: Sean thought that his job as a limo driver was glamorous even though it was very badly paid.

  18 adjectives that describe jobs
18 adjectives that describe jobs

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