They say money can’t buy you love, but don’t we all wish to have a lot of money? Improve your vocabulary! Learn natural word combinations with the noun “money” that often go together. Learn 10 expressions with “money”.

A lot of money

We all know thata good car costs a lot of money.

Borrow money

Meaning: to receive something that belongs to somebody else which you have to give back later.
They had to borrow money from the bank in order not to go bankrupt.

Extra money

Meaning: an additional amount of money.
How are we going to provide extra money for the holiday?

A chunk of money

Meaning: a large amount of money.
They invested a large chunk of money in the new hospital.

Grant of money

Meaning: money given by the government for a special purpose.
The government approved a grant of money for the project.

Expressions with "money"
Expressions with “money”

Hard-earned money

It is not very wise to spend your hard-earned money foolishly.

Invest money

Meaning: put money into something with the expectation of profit.
There is no use investing money in that project.

Prize money

Meaning: money given to the winner of the competition.
I’m going to buy a new guitar with the prize money.

Paper money

Meaning: paper currency issued by the government.
Due to inflation, the government has issued more paper money recently.

Electronic money (E-money)

Meaning: money exchangeable via a digital device such as a mobile phone.
It’s easy to pay bills with electronic money.

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