In this lesson, you can improve your vocabulary by learning 14 different ways to say ‘again’.

Again is an adverb meaning ‘one more time’

  • Would you mind saying that again? (one more time)
  • It’s nice to see you again.

Let’s look at 14 different ways to say ‘again’ in English.

Once again/once more

Meaning: these are a bit formal expressions, use them when the situation is serious.

  • Unfortunately,  we have to face the disasters of global warming once again.
  • Once again, we have to fear for the future of our children.


Meaning: to do something again.

  • Could you repeat what you said, I haven’t heard you very well?
  • I will tell you all about it, but you mustn’t repeat it to anyone.

Over/all over again

Meaning: if you do something over, then you do it again.

  • Three months after they broke up, Sam and Tom decided to start over.
  • They demolished the house and built it all over again.
14 Different ways to say AGAIN
14 Different ways to say AGAIN

One more time/once more

Meaning: to do something again.

  • Let’s do the exercise one more time.
  • We had a great time in Turkey. Let’s go there once more next year.

Another time

Meaning: not now, but on some other occasion.

  • I’m so tired. Can we talk about this another time?
  • Sorry, I can’t go for a drink with you now. Maybe another time?


Meaning: encore is a French word originally. It is usually used at the end of a concert when the audience invites the performers to play, sing, etc. again.

  • The audience was shouting for an encore.
  • Can you believe that Coldplay did three encores at the concert last Saturday?

Yet again

Meaning: when something happened so many times, that it becomes annoying.

  • Unfortunately, Sue has failed her math test yet again.
  • Yet again, someone has set up a fire in the forest. 
 14 Different ways to say AGAIN
14 Different ways to say AGAIN

Over and over (again)

Meaning: to repeat something many times.

  • More or less, teachers repeat the same things over and over most of their lives.
  • He read the letter over and over again until he understood.


Meaning: to do your exam or test again.

  • Sorry, but you didn’t pass your exam so you’ll have to retake it in the next term.
  • April had to retake her driving test three times before she passed it.


Meaning: to do your work again.

  • You didn’t write this very well. Try to redo it.
  • We are going to redo the carpentry next month.


Meaning: to reply to someone’s call/email.

  •  I’m impatiently waiting for you to write back.
  • As soon as the meeting is over, I’ll call you back.

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