There is a great number of collocations linked with the conjunction “and” in English. As a rule, these are three-word fixed expressions with “and” in between. For example: alive and well, ups and downs, etc. Here is your opportunity to learn must-know 20+ collocations with the conjunction “and” also known as BINOMIALS.

Let’s look at some of them.

All and sundry

Meaning: everyone.
Ex: Peter paid drinks to all and sundry in the pub when his son was born.

Bits and pieces (bits and bobs)

Meaning: a collection of different items.
Ex: I’ve almost finished packing. So, I’ve got just some bits and pieces.

20+ Collocations with the Conjunction "and"
Collocations with the conjunction “and”

Bread and butter

refers to the way you make a living.
Ex: I run a podcast at weekends. However, my bread and butter is actually teaching.

By and large

Meaning: in general, all in all.
Ex: By and large, people in Great Britain prefer tea to coffee.

Carrot and stick

Meaning: a tactic that motivates people to do something through reward and punishment.
Ex: The UN suggests using a carrot and stick approach to the problem in order to make the two countries negotiate.

Dead and buried

Meaning: use this expression to emphasize that something is finished and will never exist again.
Ex: In fifty years from now, the oil industry will be dead and buried.

Far and wide

Meaning: refers to a big number of places.
Ex: The fair visitors came from far and wide.

20+ Collocations with the Conjunction "and"
Collocations with the conjunction “and”

Give and take

Meaning: to compromise.
Ex: Every relation requires lots of give and take.

Gloom and doom

Meaning: a way of seeing things in a negative way.
Ex: It can’t be all gloom and doom. Despite all, there must be something positive about your divorce.

Huff and puff

Meaning: if you huff and puff, you express your dissatisfaction.
Ex: After lots of huffing and puffing, he decided to sign the agreement.

Hustle and bustle

Meaning: refers to a hectic and noisy place.
Ex: Despite being a quiet person, Sarah loved the hustle and bustle of the bazaar.

20+ Collocations with the Conjunction "and"
Collocations with the Conjunction “and”

Law and order

Meaning: if there is law and order, then the rules and laws are obeyed.
Ex: Some people just throw rubbish everywhere, because they don’t respect law and order.

Life and death

Meaning: if we describe a situation as life and death, it is extremely serious and may include potential death.
Ex: It was a life and death situation when they didn’t know whether their grandma would survive the operation.

Out and about

Meaning: if you go out and about, then you go to lots of different places.
Ex: Isn’t it nice to be out and about after that dreadful cold and wet weather?

20+ Collocations with the conjunction “and”

Pros and cons

Meaning: advantages and disadvantages you need to consider before making a decision.
Ex: You need to consider the pros and cons carefully before you decide to study abroad.

Pure and simple

Meaning: use this phrase to emphasize the only important thing in the situation.
Ex: If they catch you cheating on the exam, you’ll fail, pure and simple.

Rise and fall

refers to the advance and downgrading of someone or something.
Ex: I’m always excited to watch the movies about the rise and fall of big empires.

Safe and sound

Meaning: use this expression to say that you’re unharmed and well.
Ex: It was a tiring journey but we’re all safe and sound.

Salt and pepper

Meaning: the expression salt and pepper refers to black and white dotted colours.
Ex: Tom’s salt and pepper beard gave him the looks of an older gentleman.

20+ Collocations with the conjunction “and”

Touch and go

Meaning: if things are touch and go, then we’re not sure about the outcome.
Ex: Mary’s operation was touch and go until the moment she woke up from the anaesthesia.

Twists and turns

Meaning: refers to frequent changes of direction.
Ex: The life of the main character in the film was so full of twists and turns.

Ups and downs

Meaning: a sequence of good and bad things.
Ex: Every relationship has its ups and downs.

Wear and tear

Meaning: the damage on things that happens after long-term use.
Ex: This pair of jeans took lots of wear and tear but it still looks new.

If you liked this post and if you know some other three-word collocations with the conjunction “and” in the middle, please add them to the comments.
Stay safe and sound! 😀

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