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Expressions with the Noun “Story”

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Enrich your vocabulary with these 10 interesting expressions with the noun “story”. There may be similar expressions in your language, too. 🙂

It’s a long story

Meaning: A story you don’t feel like telling because it’s too long.
Ex: What happened? – It’s a long story, I can’t talk about it now.

The story of my life

Meaning: used to say that you’ve been misfortunate too often.
Ex: People always misunderstand me – that’s the story of my life.

The same old story

Meaning: used to say that a certain bad situation is constantly repeating.
Ex: It’s the same old story – my roommate never has enough money for the bills.

The story goes

Meaning: something people are talking about.
Ex: The story goes that they’ve broken up.

To make a long story short

Meaning: used to tell a long story in a few details.
Ex: I wanted to study philosophy, but to make a long story short, I ended up as a lawyer.

It’s another/different story

Meaning: totally different compared to something else.
Ex: Last year, we had no vaccines for Coronavirus but this year is a different story.

The story behind something

Meaning: the meaning and/or origin of something.
Ex: And now, that’s the story behind the Haloween.

Have a story to tell

Meaning: to know something interesting.
Ex: If they could talk, the walls of the old castle would have a great story to tell.

Someone’s side of the story

Meaning: to be informed about a story or event from someone else’s view.
Ex: The judge wanted to hear the witness’s side of the story.

Cock and bull story

Meaning: a story that is difficult to believe.
Ex: He gave a traffic warden a cock and bull story about how his dog ate the ticket.

Expressions with the noun “story”

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