Phrasal verbs can be quite a tricky part of the English language. Not only that they consist of more than one word – often two or three, but they also have all ranges of meanings. Like many others, the phrasal verb “work out” has more than one meaning. Let’s look at a few of them:

Work out 1

Meaning: to think of a solution for dealing with a problem.

  • We have to work out a way to fit this shelf here.
  • I’ve been thinking all day but I can’t work out how to tell my mum that I broke her car.
  • Environmentalists are trying to work out a solution for global warming.

Work out 2

Meaning: to exercise.

  • Ivan has been working out at the gym all morning.
  • People need to work out for better health.
  • I’ve gained weight since I stopped working out.

Work out 3

Meaning: finish something adequately.

  • We managed to fix the car so everything worked out well.
  • After a long discussion, the two presidents worked out their disputes.
  • In case this solution doesn’t work out, you should ask an expert.
 Phrasal verb: Work Out
Phrasal verb: Work Out

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