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Expressions with ‘High’

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In this lesson, you can learn expressions with the adjective ‘high’ applicable in everyday situations and add them to your vocabulary.

Be/get on your high horse – to show that you feel superior in a bad way.
Although he doesn’t know much about cooking, he always gets on his high horse and complains about chef’s incompetence.

High and dry – to leave someone in an unsettled or difficult situation.
They got out of the deal and left us high and dry.

As high as a kitefeel excited because of too much alcohol or drug intake.

It’s high time – used to say that you expect someone to do something soon.
It’s high time you brought my newspaper.

Smell to high heaven – strong or unpleasant smell.
What is it you’re cooking? It smells to high heaven!

Of a high order – of high quality or degree.
The position requires Academic English skills of a high order.

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