40 Verbs to Use instead of SPEAK

Hi English learners. Boost your vocabulary today. We are going to look at 40 verbs to use instead of speak.

Here is the list:

  1. Advise
  2. Affirm
  3. Allege
  4. Announce
  5. Assert
  6. Aver
  7. Blab
  8. Chat
  9. Claim
  10. Command
  11. Communicate
  12. Confess
  13. Convey
  14. Declare
  15. Deliver
  16. Discuss
  17. Express
  18. Explain
  19. Gab
  20. Gossip
  21. Imply
  22. Inform
  23. Mention
  24. Mumble
  25. Murmur
  26. Mutter
  27. Order
  28. Recite
  29. Repeat
  30. Reply
  31. Report
  32. Respond
  33. Say
  34. Shout
  35. State
  36. Tell
  37. Touch base
  38. Suggest
  39. Utter
  40. Whisper
40 verbs to use instead of speak
40 verbs to use instead of speak


Meaning: to tell someone what you think they should do in a particular situation, to give them advice.

They advised children not to eat too much junk food on the excursion.


Meaning: to say clearly that something is true.

Sara affirmed her intention to apply for the job.


Meaning: to say that something happened but without proof.

It was alleged that the Minister was receiving bribes while he was in office.


Meaning: to say something officially, especially if it is a plan or intention.

George and Tara announced their engagement.


Meaning: to say clearly and confidently that something is true.

The accused asserted that he was innocent.


Meaning: to say clearly that something is true.

The judge averred that the accused was guilty.

40 verbs to use instead of speak
40 verbs to use instead of speak


Meaning: to talk too much and usually say something that should be confidential.

Someone must have blabbed about Karen’s surprise birthday party because she found out.


Meaning: to talk to somebody in a friendly, informal way.

When I saw them they were sitting at a cafe and chatting.


Meaning: to say that something is true although you can not prove it.

The man at the customs office claimed that he didn’t know anything about the parcel in his suitcase.


Meaning: to order someone, especially a soldier.

The officer commanded the soldiers to retreat.


Meaning: to tell something to someone.

Simon asked me to communicate his best regards to you.


Meaning: to admit that what you said or did was wrong.

Edmund confessed that he was using drugs in his youth.


Meaning: to make your ideas, thoughts, and feelings known to someone.

Will you please convey my sincere apologies to your mother?

40 verbs to use instead of speak
40 verbs to use instead of speak


Meaning: to announce something clearly and publicly.

There has been declared a state of emergency in the country.


Meaning: to give a speech.

The president delivered a fifteen-minute speech.


Meaning: to exchange ideas about a subject with other people.

The team gathered to discuss various issues.


Meaning: to state a feeling or an idea.

The speaker expressed his gratitude for the money raised for charity.


Meaning: to make something easy to understand by giving details.

The teacher explained the formulae by giving many examples of use.


Meaning: to speak continuously about unimportant matters.

Celia was gabbing to her friend for an hour.


Meaning: to talk about other people’s private matters which can be unpolite.

They’ve been gossiping about their neighbour’s new girlfriend all morning.


Meaning: to suggest something without saying it directly.

Although he didn’t say it, his tone implied that we were wrong.


Meaning: to tell some facts to somebody.

Will you please inform us about any change of plan?


Meaning: to say something in a few words.

Sally mentioned to the boss that we were late.


Meaning: to speak quietly and not clearly.

When I asked her about her plans for the day she just mumbled something and left.


Meaning: to speak unclearly in a quiet voice.

Doug murmured something in his sleep.


Meaning: to speak quietly and not very understandably, especially if you are upset.

Elsa muttered something I didn’t understand and left the room.


Meaning: to command someone to do something.

Michael ordered his dog to wait for him outside the shop.


Meaning: to say a poem or something else you learned by heart in front of the audience.

Monica recited the poem at the Christmas Eve entertainment.

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Meaning: to say something again.

He didn’t hear her so she repeated the question.


Meaning: to answer.

When the teacher asked the question, the children replied in one voice.


Meaning: to give information.

The doctor reported that the patient is recovering very well.


Meaning: to give an answer to somebody.

The woman on the plane politely responded to the flight attendant’s question.


Meaning: to tell something using words.

The lawyer said that the defendant would be released soon.


Meaning: to say something in a loud tone of voice.

Will you stop shouting and listen to what I’m telling you?


Meaning: to formally say something.

The accused stated that he had never seen the man before.


Meaning: to give information to someone.

Brian told us not to worry.

Touch base

Meaning: to talk briefly to someone especially if you haven’t seen each other for some time.

When we were on holiday we touched base with some friends from college.


Meaning: to tell your idea of something to other people.

Robert suggested going for a walk after dinner.


Meaning: to say something.

Simon hardly uttered a few words during dinner.


Meaning: to talk in a very quiet voice so that others can’t hear you.

She whispered something into his ear.

40 Verbs to Use instead of SPEAK
40 Verbs to Use instead of SPEAK

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