20 Idioms that Describe FEELINGS

Hi English learners! Welcome to a new lesson. We will be learning idioms that describe feelings.

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Here is the list of 20 idioms that describe feelings:

  • At your wits’ end
  • Be in two minds
  • Blow your top
  • Bored to death/tears
  • Down in the dumps
  • Feel blue
  • Green with envy
  • Go off the deep end
  • Have butterflies in your stomach
  • Happy camper
  • Lose face
  • On cloud nine
  • On edge
  • On pins and needles
  • On top of the world
  • Over the moon
  • See red
  • Pull your hair out
  • Tickled pink
  • Walk on air

At your wits’ end

Meaning: to be worried and confused so much that you don’t know what to do.

Sandra was at her wits’ end trying to make her baby boy eat.

Be in two minds

Meaning: to be indecisive.

I’m in two minds about going to the party. I’d love to go but I’m working tomorrow so I’d better get some sleep.

Blow your top

Meaning: to be extremely angry.

Your neighbour will blow his top when he sees what you’ve done to his garden.

Bored to death/tears

Meaning: to be very bored.

I was looking after my baby brother all day. I was bored to death.

Idioms that describe feelings
Idioms that describe feelings

Down in the dumps

Meaning: to be unhappy and depressed.

After her father died Celia was down in the dumps for months.

Feel blue

Meaning: to be sad.

Brian has been feeling blue lately; probably because he’s broken up with his girlfriend.

Green with envy

Meaning: feeling envious or jealous because you want to have something that someone else does.

Simon was green with envy when he saw his colleague’s new Mercedes.

Go off the deep end

Meaning: to get so angry that you lose control.

When his website was hacked, Jason went off the deep end. 

Have butterflies in your stomach

Meaning: to feel nervous and excited about something.

He was supposed to give a speech so he had butterflies in his stomach.

Happy camper

Meaning: to be happy and satisfied.

The hotel guest hasn’t complained about anything yet, so she seems to be a happy camper.

Idioms that describe feelings
Idioms that describe feelings

Lose face

Meaning: to be humiliated and not respected.

He did his best to keep his promise in order not to lose face.

On cloud nine

Meaning: to be extremely happy, delighted.

Rob has been on cloud nine all this week because he’s got a grandson.

On edge

Meaning: to be tense and nervous.

The passengers’ nerves were on edge when the pilot announced that there was something wrong with the engine.

On pins and needles

Meaning: to be anxious and nervous.

Karen was on pins and needles before her driving exam.

On top of the world

Meaning: extremely happy.

Bob was feeling on top of the world when he got retired.

Idioms that describe feelings
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Idioms that describe feelings

Over the moon

Meaning: very happy.

When she graduated, Fiona was over the moon.

See red

Meaning: to become very angry and upset

Cruelty to animals always makes me see red.

Pull your hair out

Meaning: anxious and upset.

Paul pulled his hair out while watching the football match.

Tickled pink

Meaning: happy and amused.

Gemma was tickled pink when she saw the presents she got.

Walk on air

Meaning: feeling happy and elated.

Tom was walking on air when he got promoted. 

idioms that describe feelings
idioms that describe feelings

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