Have you ever been “heartbroken”? Or learned something “by heart”? What do these expressions mean? Well, read the post and learn 8 “heart” expressions which could be useful in case you want to develop a better understanding and sound more natural in English.

Wear your heart on your sleeve

Meaning: make your feelings obvious.
Ex: You shouldn’t wear your heart on your sleeve at work.

By heart

Meaning: memorize.
Ex: Polly learned the poem by heart.

Cross your heart

Meaning: promise to do something.
Ex: I promise to mow the grass – cross my heart!

"Heart" Expressions
“Heart” Expressions

From the bottom of your heart

Meaning: very sincerely.
Ex: I will always be there for you and I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

Young at heart

Meaning: feeling and acting as if you were younger than you really are.
Ex: My grandpa loves going to the pub and is a very active Facebooker. He’s young at heart.

Have your heart in your mouth

Meaning: be upset and scared.
Ex: Sally had her heart in her mouth when the bell rang.

Break someone’s heart

Meaning: make someone sad by telling them you don’t love them anymore.
Ex: Jill broke Brian’s heart when she told him that she no longer loved him.

Follow your heart

Meaning: do what you love rather than what’s expected of you.
Ex: You don’t have to study medicine because your parents want you to be a doctor. You should follow your heart and do what you like.

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