Also, as well or too? Which one to use? These are adverbs that have similar meanings. However, they do not go in the same position in a sentence.

Also, as well and too mean “in addition”.


Also is more commonly used in writing than in speaking. Unlike as well and too, also can be placed in different positions in a sentence.

We use also for emphasis:

  • Anette is very intelligent. Also, she is talented in music.
  • Jane is not only fond of reading, but she also writes well.
  Also as well or too?

Also as well or too?

We use also between the subject and main verb, or after the modal or auxiliary verb. In this position, the meaning of also connects to the previous clause:

  • I can play football but I can also play basketball.
  • She works very hard but she also exercises twice a week.

In the end position, also normally connects two phrases. We use as well and too instead of also in end position:

  • She emailed him but he didn’t reply. He didn’t answer the phone also. (or he didn’t answer the phone too or …answer the phone as well.)
  Also as well or too?

Also as well or too?


As well is much more common in spoken than in written English.

As a rule, as well comes at the end of the sentence:

  • I speak English and I can speak French as well.
  • I’ll have a coffee and I’ll have a cupcake as well.


We usually put too at the end of the sentence:

  • Tom is tired. He’s hungry, too.

Too is especially common in responses to fixed expressions such as giving good wishes, etc:

A: Have a good time!

B: You too!

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