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‘Luck’ Expressions

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Here is your golden opportunity to learn 10 good luck expressions in English you should try to remember and use as much as possible.

Twist of fate

Meaning: a change in a sequence of events.

By a twist of fate, they met again in New York.

A stroke of good luck

Meaning: something good that happens when you least expect it.

I opened the book on exactly the same page by a stroke of good luck.

Golden opportunity

Meaning: an excellent opportunity that is unlikely to be repeated.

This is a golden opportunity for peace we must appreciate.

Jump at the chance

Meaning: to quickly and unexpectedly get a lucky opportunity.

When the band singer became ill, Bob jumped at the chance and became famous.

Cross your fingers! (Keep your fingers crossed!)

Meaning: hoping the things will happen the way we want them to.

I’m having a driving test in the morning so cross your fingers for me!

“Luck” expressions

Lucky guess

Meaning: happening by chance.

I didn’t know the answer. It was just a lucky guess.

The third time’s a charm

Meaning: when you try to do something, it works out at the third attempt.

I finally passed the driving test. As they say, the third time’s a charm.

Break a leg!

Meaning: Good luck!

I wish you good luck at the competition. Break a leg!

Knock on wood

Meaning: knock on a wooden object in order to avoid bad luck.

Laura’s health seems to improve after she had Covid-19. Knock on wood!

Fall into your lap

Meaning: used to say when something good happens to you unexpectedly or without any effort.

When my brother moved to France, his room fell into my lap.

“Luck” expressions

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