Allow - Permit - Let - Enable

Allow – Permit – Let – Enable

Hi dear English students. You might have wondered which word to use and you weren’t sure. Are the words allow, permit, let and enable synonymous and what is the difference between them? That’s the topic of today’s blog entry. Well, we can say that allow, permit and let are synonymous words and they mean ‘to give permission‘. However, enable is different; it means to make it possible for someone to do something and it has nothing do to with permission but with ability.

Bring – Take – Fetch

The verbs bring and take are common and frequently used verbs in English. As such, they form many collocations, phrasal verbs, etc. However, they are often confused because they both describe the movement from one location to another and sometimes it is not easy to decide whether something was brought or taken. Also, make sure not to mistake bring and take with fetch, because that’s one of the common mistakes English students make.

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