Bring – Take – Fetch

The verbs bring and take are common and frequently used verbs in English. As such, they form many collocations, phrasal verbs, etc. However, they are often confused because they both describe the movement from one location to another and sometimes it is not easy to decide whether something was brought or taken. Also, make sure not to mistake bring and take with fetch, because that’s one of the common mistakes English students make.

Phrasal Verbs with “Take”

Many students avoid learning phrasal verbs because they tend to be ambiguous so they can never be sure if they used them properly. Sometimes things get even more confusing and the object turns up between the verb and the particle. Nevertheless, phrasal verbs may not be that important when it comes to formal language but they are inevitably essential in common everyday communication. In that sense, here are 10 most frequently used phrasal verbs with “take” you should know

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