Words and Phrases to Use Instead of “Because”

Words and Phrases to Use Instead of “Because”

Hi dear English learners! Here we are again with a new lesson about the conjunction because. We normally use it to give the reason for something.

I’m packing my bag because we are going on a city break to Rome for the weekend.
I’m sorry I can’t babysit for you tonight because I’m having some friends round.
Let’s see what other words and phrases we can use instead of because.

The difference between BEACH, BANK, COAST, SHORE

The Difference between BEACH, BANK, COAST, SHORE

Hi English learners! Were you surprised when you found out that rivers don’t have coasts but banks? Well, that’s right. In today’s lesson, we will clear out the difference between beach, bank, coast, shore.
Beach, bank, coast and shore all refer to the edge of the land by a body of water. But what is the difference between these words? Are they just synonymous or do they differ in meaning? Let’s find out!

7 Tips to Help You Improve Your Listening Skills

It can be pretty hard to take notes when the teacher is speaking English in ‘light’ speed, watch a film without subtitles or even listen to a podcast. You may find yourself struggling to concentrate or getting nervous because it’s ‘too fast’. It’s frustrating. You’ve been studying English for so long and you still have problems to understand it. Well, here are 7 tips to help you improve your listening skills