Conversational English

English conversation classes are for all those who want to activate and refine their previous knowledge, improve their English conversational skills, learn how to put theoretical knowledge into practice, refresh or enrich their vocabulary, improve ease and accuracy of expression, and all those who simply want to learn how to communicate properly in English.

In classes, we can concentrate on one specific area that is most important to you (job interview, exam…), or on some different areas (knowledge applicable in different situations).

Following your level of knowledge and your needs, we prepare for you the right materials and appropriate homework.

30-minute English lessons

are intended for those who want to improve their English speaking skills fast as well as those who have lots of responsibilities as they can fit into the busiest schedule and can be performed on your mobile phone any time and any place.

Besides, these lessons are totally affordable as they cost only 9 euros per lesson and we’ll give you a discount if you buy more of them at once.

Three to five of these lessons a week can take you a long way in no time. In order to become fluent, it is important to feel that language comes naturally to you, and 30-minute lessons are great for building confidence.

Book a FREE private English lesson. Test your knowledge and allow us to suggest ways to improve your English!