Asking for and Giving permission

Asking for and Giving Permission

When do we need to ask for permission? I m sure you have to ask for or grant permission on a daily basis at work, at home, while you commute, etc. How do we ask for permission in English? Well, there are all kinds of different phrases you can use. They can be formal if the situation is formal or less formal or informal if you are talking to your friends and family. An important thing is to always be polite when asking for and giving permission.

Asking for, Giving and Responding to Advice

Asking for, Giving and Responding to Advice

How often have you come across a situation when you had to ask for advice? It’s probably daily. I suppose your friends and relatives ask you for advice all the time, as well. And I’m sure you get by with these phrases in your native language. But do you know how to ask for and give advice in English? Let’s look at some useful phrases which can help you do that.

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