Adjectives to Describe a Pet

Hello English learners. Welcome to a new lesson. We will look at the 19 most frequently used adjectives to describe a pet.

Here is the list:

  1. Adorable
  2. Charming
  3. Cuddly
  4. CuteDocile
  5. Domestic
  6. Exotic
  7. Feline
  8. Fluffy
  9. Good-natured
  10. Feathered
  11. Intelligent/smart
  12. Long-haired/short/haired
  13. Naughty
  14. Obedient
  15. Ornamental
  16. Photogenic
  17. Playful
  18. Shy
  19. Snub-nosed

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Adjectives to describe a pet
Adjectives to describe a pet


An adorable pet is so attractive that people cannot help but fall in love with it.

  • There were some adorable dogs in the dog shelter and we adopted one.


A charming pet is attractive and pleasing.

  • Our pet cat was small gentle and altogether charming.


A cuddly pet makes you want to cuddle them.

  • Your turtle is the cuddliest animal I’ve ever seen.


We say that an animal is cute especially when it is young and small.

  • What a cute little kitty you are!


A docile animal is calm, friendly and easy to control.

  • Peter’s horse is quite big but gentle and docile. 
Adjectives to describe a pet
Adjectives to describe a pet


An animal or a pet which is tamed and accustomed to living with people for food or as a pet is a domestic animal.

  • Some domestic animals such as pigs make great pets.


Something exotic is usually rare and coming from distant countries.

  • If you are fond of exotic pets, they have some really beautiful colourful parrots in our pet shop.


Feline animals come from a cat family but you can use the adjective to describe someone or something that moves gracefully like a cat.

  • We taught our house feline to give a high five. (feline as a noun)


Fluffy animals have soft and fine fur.

  •  On top of the box was sitting a cute fluffy hamster. 


A good-natured pet is friendly and benevolent.

  • Although quite big, Rex was a friendly, good-natured dog.


A feathered pet has feathers, so it must be a bird.

  • The park was full of feathered residents such as parrots, flamingos and peacocks.
Adjectives to describe a pet
Adjectives to describe a pet


Many animals can be quite intelligent. We all know some smart cats or dogs or dolphins, etc.

  • Bob is the most intelligent cat I’ve ever seen.


Many animals have furs and some of them have long or short hair.

  • When we were little, we had a beautiful long-haired collie.
  • Siamese cats are very popular short-haired pets.


A pet that refuses to be obedient and do what they are told to do is called naughty.

  • My friend has a pet monkey which is a lot of fun but can be very naughty sometimes.


Obedient pets always do what their owners tell them to do.

  • Dogs usually make obedient pets.


Ornamental animals are usually beautiful and are kept for decoration rather than company.

  • The hotel’s swimming pool was full of ornamental fish.
Adjectives to describe a pet
Adjectives to describe a pet


A photogenic animal has an appearance that looks attractive in photographs.

  • Look how nice our rabbits look like. He is so photogenic.


A playful pet likes to play.

  • Tom’s hamster was very playful even when it got old.


A shy pet is antisocial and introverted.

  • John’s Guinea pig is cute but shy. 


A snub nose is short and it turns up at the end.

  • Brian has a sweet snub-nosed monkey named Cesar.

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Adjectives to describe a pet
Adjectives to describe a pet

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