10 Words and Phrases for Criticizing and Blaming

Hi English learners! Welcome to a new lesson. We will look at some useful words and phrases for criticizing and blaming.

Here is the list:

  • Blame
  • Reprimand
  • Get at someone
  • Put someone down
  • Bad-mouth
  • Come under fire
  • Under siege
  • Find fault with
  • Point the finger at someone
  • Face the music


Meaning: to say or think that somebody is guilty of doing or saying something bad.

  • Whenever he eats too much, Sara’s husband blames her.
  • The police blame the accident on the bus driver.


Meaning: to tell someone officially that they’ve done or said something wrong.

  • The boy was reprimanded by the teacher for not listening.
  • The journalist was reprimanded for insulting a foreign diplomat.

Get at someone

Meaning: to criticize someone repeatedly.

  • My senior colleague is getting at me for days and I have no idea why.
  • Drew tried to get at me but I didn’t let him.

Put someone down

Meaning; to criticise someone especially when other people are around.

  • Abby was sick of her husband putting her down in front of her friends and decided to leave him.
  • It was really nasty of you to put me down like that. 

Badmouth (bad-mouth)

Meaning: to say something bad about someone to other people.

  • Len’s flatmates badmouthed him to the landlord and now he’s got to find a new flat.
  • If you bad-mouth your colleagues they might tell your boss a few things about you.

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Come under fire

Meaning: to be criticized.

  • The minister has come under fire for his approval of the new law of taxes.
  • The opposition came under fire from the government.

Under siege

Meaning: to be criticized all the time or by many people.

  • The journalist was under siege by lots of people for his article in the Daily Telegraph.
  • The businessman remains under siege for money laundering.

Find fault with

Meaning: to complain about someone’s behaviour.

  • The couple lived happily until she began to find fault with his behaviour.
  • My mother is always finding fault with my manners.

Point the finger at someone

Meaning: to accuse someone of doing something bad.

  • When the nuclear disaster happened, the executives pointed the finger at a few engineers.
  • When the police asked him about the stolen goods he pointed the finger at his mates.

Face the music

Meaning; to accept criticism or responsibility for something you’ve done wrong.

  • When they asked him about the night of the robbery, he decided to face the music and tell them all about it.
  • Sooner or later, you’ll have to face the music and tell your mum about the broken window.
Words and Phrases for Criticizing and Blaming
Words and Phrases for Criticizing and Blaming

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