10 Phrasal Verbs Related to Learning

Hi English learners. Welcome to a new lesson. We will go through 10 phrasal verbs related to learning.

Here is the list:

  1. Be into
  2. Catch on
  3. Catch up
  4. Drop out
  5. Fall behind
  6. Hand in
  7. Look up
  8. Read up on
  9. Take in
  10. Take up

Be into

Meaning: to be interested in something.

  • We think our daughter is going to study biology because she‘s been into plants and animals since her childhood.
  • Most young people today are into business management and engineering.

Catch on

Meaning: to understand something, especially after a while.

  • It took me some time to catch on to who is the killer in the novel but eventually, I made it.
  • I didn’t catch on the point. Can you explain it to me?

Catch up

Meaning: to reach the same level as others.

  • Brian has been ill for some time and now he is trying to catch up with other children.
  • I found it really hard to catch up after missing so many maths classes.

Drop out

Meaning: to leave school before finishing it.

  • Steve Jobs dropped out of college after two years of studying.
  • Mary dropped out of school when she was 17 and got married.

Fall behind

Meaning: to fail to keep the same level as everybody else.

  • Gary broke his leg and fell behind with his schoolwork.
  • Michael fell behind so much that he had a hard time catching up with other children.

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Phrasal verbs related to learning
Phrasal verbs related to learning

Hand in

Meaning: to give a piece of your work to a teacher.

  • All the students are to hand in their projects by the end of the month.
  • Will you please hand in your papers for correction?

Look up

Meaning: to look for a piece of information in a book or on the Internet.

  • Look up the meaning of the word “anger” in the dictionary.
  • Let’s look up the structure of an opinion essay on the Internet.

Read up on

Meaning: to spend time reading about a subject.

  • I spent all weekend reading up on articles related to this subject.
  • Before writing an essay, I have to read up on the history of the area.

Take in

Meaning: to remember the facts you are trying to learn.

  • The professor gave an excellent lecture but there was too much to take in. I couldn’t remember much of it.
  • When you are listening to an English podcast, try to take in as much vocabulary as possible.

Take up

Meaning: to start learning something new, especially if it is for pleasure.

  • After she graduated, Brenda took up studying Spanish. Now she can speak Spanish when she’s on holiday.
  • Mark is thinking of taking up guitar lessons. He’s always loved music.
Phrasal Verbs Related to Learning
Phrasal Verbs Related to Learning

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