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10 Expressions Using the Word “Turn”

Published by My Lingua Academy on

10 expressions using the word “turn”

The word turn is both a verb and a noun. As such, it forms many idioms, collocations, phrasal verbs and other expressions.

In today’s lesson, we’ll look at 10 of them.

  1. Turn of speed
  2. Turn over a new leaf
  3. One good turn deserves another
  4. Turn of mind
  5. Do someone a good/bad turn
  6. Speak out of turn
  7. Turn and turn about
  8. Not know which way to turn
  9. Turn a blind eye
  10. Turn a deaf ear

Turn of speed

Meaning: refers to the ability to move extremely fast if needed.

This football player has a fantastic turn of speed.
Although the cheetah has an incredible turn of speed, it is helpless when attacked by armed and motorized humans.

Turn over a new leaf

Meaning: if you turn over a new leaf, you change your behaviour in a positive way.

Lisa turned over a new leaf. She no longer smokes.
Apparently, Steven has stopped overeating and promised to turn over a new leaf.

orange leaf on white surface
Expressions Using the Word “Turn”

Turn and turn about

Meaning: one after another.

Lorna and Sally worked in rotation turn and turn about until the project was done.
Little Johnny distributed the candies equally between his pockets and ate them turn and turn about.

One good turn deserves another

Meaning: used to say that if someone does you a favour, you should help them in return.

You looked after our cat while we were on holiday and I’ll be happy to give you a lift to the airport. One good turn deserves another.

Turn of mind

Meaning: refers to a particular way of thinking.

Tom is a hard-working man with a practical turn of mind.
Children in my school have an independent turn of mind.

Do someone a good/bad turn

Meaning: to do something helpful/unhelpful for someone.

You did me a good turn by picking me up on your way to work. Thanks a bunch!
The tourist agent did us a bad turn by recommending this expensive and uninteresting place for our holiday. What a shame!

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Expressions Using the Word “Turn”

Speak/talk out of turn

Meaning: if you speak out of turn, then you speak foolishly and probably without authority.

Our teacher hates students who speak out of turn, especially when they interrupt her.
I hope I don’t talk out of turn, but I think that dress is not what you should wear to the party.

Not know which way to turn

Meaning: if you’re not sure what to do, or whom to ask for help or advice, you can say that you don’t know which way to turn.

After her father died, she could no longer pay the bills and rent. She didn’t know which way to turn for help.
When I first retired, I didn’t know which way to turn. I had too much free time.

Turn a blind eye

if you turn a blind eye to something, then you ignore something bad and wrong.

I read in the newspapers that a policeman turned a blind eye when some hooligans beat an old man in the street.
Some teachers turn a blind eye when it comes to using drugs in our school.

Turn a deaf ear

Meaning: if you turn a deaf ear, you ignore what someone says.

When I asked Milly to babysit for me she just turned a deaf ear.
Some people are capable of turning a deaf ear to the crying victims of wars.

Hopefully, things turn out well for you! 😀

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