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19 Expressions with “Touch” You Should Know

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Are you superstitious? 🙂 Do you ever touch wood when you don’t want something bad to happen to you? As a matter of fact, this custom originates from the distant past when people believed that fairies, ghosts and spirits lived in trees. Can you believe it? 🙂. Here are 19 expressions with “touch” you should know.

First of all, the word touch can be both a verb and a noun.

Ex: Don’t touch the fire, Michael!

One of the human senses is a sense of touch.

Here are some common expressions with “touch”:

When did you last get in touch with your friends from elementary school?

Here, get in touch means initiating contact with someone.

Ex: I’ve been trying to get in touch with you all morning. Where have you been?

The opposite is lose touch with, which means losing contact with someone.

Ex: I’m so sorry I lost touch with my ex-colleague. We used to get on well.

Although they lived in different countries, they’ve never lost touch with each other.

Expressions with "Touch"
Expressions with “Touch”

or a similar expression – lose your touch, which refers to losing the ability to do something as you used to.

Ex: It seems like Jane lost touch with skiing.

How about keep in touch? If you keep in touch with someone, then you stay in contact with them.

Ex: I’ve always been trying to keep in touch with my schoolmates.

Don’t forget all those days we spent together! Let’s keep in touch.

If you have a magic touch, then you are able to do something excellently.

Ex: My mum has a magic touch when it comes to cooking pasta.

Ted has a magic touch with children. They do everything he wants.

 Expressions with "Touch"

Expressions with “Touch”

Do you know someone who is a soft touch or an easy touch? It is a person you can easily make do what you want.

Ex: Clara is a soft touch. We can always persuade her to babysit for us.

We can ask Tim to borrow us some money. He’s an easy touch.

And finally, if you are out of touch then you don’t have information or there is a lack of communication.

Ex: I was on holiday and I’m totally out of touch with the news in the village.

I’m out of touch with Brenda so I can’t tell you when she is coming.


Touch-and-go is our first idiom. If something is touch-and-go, then it is critical and uncertain.

Ex: Everything was touch-and-go before Pauline’s operation.

Touch base – to talk to someone for a while.

Ex: While we were in Italy, we touched base with some old friends.

Finishing touch – final details that complete one’s work.

Ex: I just need to add the final touches to my new vase.

Touch a sore spot (point) refers to a sensitive matter.

Ex: We shouldn’t touch a sore spot and ask him about the accident.

Touch a nerve with – make someone upset.

Ex: Any talk of raising the cost of oil touches a nerve with citizens.


TOUCH DOWN – when an aeroplane lands, we can say that it touched down.

Ex: The plane from Moscow has just touched down.

TOUCH OFF refers to a situation when something causes a series of events.

Ex: The news about cutting the rainforests have touched off demonstrations all around the continent.

TOUCH UP means to improve the appearance of something.

Ex: Sally touched up her make-up and her dress.

TOUCH ON to mention a certain subject.

Ex: We hardly touched on our salary raise at the meeting.

Phrasal verbs with "touch" https://myenglishteacher.co.uk/
Phrasal verbs with “touch”

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