Here are 9 expressions with the word “big” to make you sound smarter:


If you have a “big brother”, then you have an elder brother.

For example:

  • My big brother is valedictorian.
  • Adrian has gone fishing with his big brother.

The term “big brother” also refers to a person or people in authority who try to control people’s behaviour (related to the book “Big Brother” by George Orwell).

For example:

  • The government in that country acts like a big brother to local people. They limit their freedom and don’t allow them to say their opinion.


A big decision is an important decision.

For example:

  • You have to think carefully before making any big decisions.
  • They made that big decision and last Saturday finally got married.


When we say that something is done or happening in a big way we mean that it is done or happening on a large scale.

For example:

  • Last night’s earthquake affected local people in a big way.
  • After they won the lottery they started spending in a big way.


The term “bigwig” refers to a person of importance.

For example:

  • The bigwigs got together and passed the law.
  • There were some of the local bigwigs at the party.


A big-hearted person is kind and generous.

For example:

  • Debora is a big-hearted woman. She always gives money to charities.
  • Angelina Jolly is not only a great actress, she is also a big-hearted person.


Big Apple is a nickname for the City of New York.

For example:

  • Visiting the Big Apple is my dream.
  • We had a great time in the Big Apple last summer.
9 Expressions with the Word "Big"
9 Expressions with the word “big”


If something is a “big deal”, it is important in some way.

For example:

  • Amelia turned eighteen and it’s a big deal.
  • Winning the game was a big deal for the Lakers.

You will often hear an expression “make a big deal out of/about something” in spoken English which means that somebody is trying to make something important or noticeable.

For example:

  • The local press made a big deal about the famous actor’s wedding.
  • If I were you I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it.
9 Expressions with the Word “Big”

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