Things Happening One After Another

Aren’t you bored with using the same vocabulary? Then you should work on it🙂. Improve and enrich your vocabulary with this post. Here are five ways to describe things happening one after another:


Meaning: when something happens day after day or every week, etc, without interruption.

Ex: It was raining four days in a row.
Mike hasn’t been eating breakfast three weeks in a row.


Meaning: when something keeps happening regularly.

Ex: That football club won the championship third year running.
Today is the fifth day running we’re meeting in the park.


Meaning: when one thing happens immediately after the previous one.

Ex: While he was sitting in the garden, Tom could hear three shots, one after another.
The trains were coming and going one after another.


Meaning: if days, weeks, months, years or occasions come one after another with no other days in between.

Ex: We’ve made a profit for five consecutive years.
After a big meal, he did 200 consecutive push-ups to neutralize it.


Meaning: when events are happening one after another.

Ex: He gave a series of presentations at the conference.
This is the first in a series of articles on the impact of modern technology on teenagers.

Things happening one after another

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