Collocations about Newspaper

Here are some common expressions related to newspaper:

The latest news

Meaning: the most recent news.

Ex: Have you heard the latest news about the airplane crash?

A story break

Meaning: very important news.

Ex: The famous millionaire was abroad when the story about his wife’s suicide broke.

Hit/make the headlines

Meaning: be on the front pages of many newspapers and magazines.

Ex: The news about the earthquake hit the headlines.

Run a story

Meaning: publish an article.

Ex: The Sun ran a story about the Royal wedding.

Flick through the newspaper

Meaning: look quickly through the newspaper.

Ex: He just flicked through the newspaper while he was waiting for the train.

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  1. Thank you.
    These words I always see in the newspaper and I don’t know what is the meaning…
    Now, I have understood them

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