10 Expressions with “Money”

Here are some word combinations with the noun “money” that often go together:

A lot of money
Good car costs a lot of money.

Borrow money
They had to borrow money from the bank in order not to go bankrupt.

A chunk of money – a large amount of money.
They invested a large chunk of money in the new hospital.

Extra money – an additional amount of money.
How are we going to provide extra money for the holiday?

Grant of money – money given by the government for a special purpose.
The government approved a grant of money for the project.

Hard-earned money
It is not very wise to spend your hard-earned money foolishly.

Invest money – put money into something with the expectation of profit.
There is no use investing money in that project.

Prize money – money given to the winner of the competition.
I’m going to buy a new guitar with the prize money.

Paper money – paper currency issued by the government.
Due to inflation, the government has issued more paper money recently.

Electronic money (E-money) – money exchangeable via a digital device such as a mobile phone.
It’s easy to pay bills with electronic money.

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