Ways to say USEFUL

Synonyms are words that have the same or similar meaning. Why is it important to learn synonyms? In the first place, as a foreign language learner, you want to improve your communication and come up with a better choice of words and phrases when you speak or write. Here is a great opportunity to enrich your vocabulary. Learn 10 different ways to say “useful”.


Meaning: being practical and easy to use.
Ex: This cloth is handy for cleaning your glasses.


Meaning: suitable and useful.
Ex: I prefer practical furniture to stylish.


Meaning: being very useful.
Ex: The doctor’s advice was invaluable.


Meaning: be willing to help.
Ex: Our daughter is so helpful! She always does the dishes after dinner.


Meaning: being easy and comfortable to use.
Ex: Online banking is so convenient.


Meaning: being practical and useful rather than beautiful.
Ex: Even though this sofa isn’t very beautiful, it is very functional. Three people can sleep on it.


Meaning: works very well and achieves intended results.
Ex: Even though this medicine is cheap, it produces effective results.


Meaning: being useful and helpful rather than without any purpose.
Ex: Although CEO criticised us at first, I think the meeting was very motivational and constructive.


Meaning: produce positive results.
Ex: Thanks to your productive negotiation, we’ve done a great job today.


Meaning: doing something in a well-organized way so that everything goes with minimum waste of time and energy.
Ex: French railway is one of the most efficient ones in Europe.

Ways to Say "Useful"
Ways to Say “Useful”

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