Did you get a clean bill of health on your last visit to the doctor? Did your favourite football club keep a clean sheet? What do these expressions mean? Well, read the blog post to learn 10 CLEAN expressions.

Make a clean break

Meaning: to distance yourself completely from a relationship or a situation.

  • Peter made a clean break with his girlfriend. He said he wants to move on.

As clean as a new pin

Meaning: extremely clean.

  • When we got back from holiday, we expected the house to be a mess, but it was as clean as a new pin because our children tidied it.

A new broom sweeps clean

Meaning: used to say for someone who made many changes and new perspective into an organization.

  • Our new manager is very strict; not that I complain because the business is flourishing. You know what they say – a new broom sweeps clean.

Have a clean bill of health

Meaning: a doctor’s report that says you’re healthy.

  • Although he had been feeling sick all day yesterday, the doctor gave him a clean bill of health.

A clean slate

Meaning: to be ready for a new beginning.

  • Let’s forget about the past and start with a clean slate.

Come clean   

Meaning: to confess or reveal a secret you’ve been hiding.

  • You must come clean to your parents about the scratch on the car.

Keep a clean sheet

Meaning: used in some sports. It is a situation when one team doesn’t allow the other team to score.

  • Manchester United kept a clean sheet at this match. No one could score against them!

As clean as a whistle

Meaning: very clean or clear.

  • The camera on my phone makes pictures as clean as a whistle.


Meaning: well-groomed and well-mannered male person.

  • Celia’s boyfriend is a clean-cut young man.

Have clean hands

Meaning: to be innocent.

  • The police claim he has clean hands – he didn’t rob the bank.
CLEAN Expressions
CLEAN Expressions

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