Prepositions of place refer to the location of something. They answer the question ‘where’. Here are some commonly used prepositions of place with example sentences.

IN – The cat was calmly sleeping in the cradle.

Prepositions of place
Prepositions of place

INSIDE – There is some lemon water inside the jug.

OUTSIDE – It is raining outside.

IN FRONT OF – There is a beautiful garden in front of our house.

BEHIND – As he was driving, Peter noticed there was a car behind them.

ON – They put water and flowers in the vase and laid it on the table.

AT – Jane is sitting at the desk, writing an email.

Prepositions of place

Prepositions of Place

ROUND/AROUND – Luckily, the railway station is just around the corner, so you can walk there.

BETWEEN – They were sitting in the park, on the bench between the two trees.

AMONG – Although he wasn’t the tallest, Harry was the brightest among all the children.

Prepositions of place
Prepositions of place

NEXT TO – Laura insisted on sitting next to her son.

NEAR – There is a really big cash and carry supermarket near our place.

BY – Mario’s books and notebooks were left by the door.

BESIDE – On the wedding picture, Jane was standing beside her husband.

UNDER – Finally, they found the ball under the table.

UNDERNEATH – She put her bag underneath the chair.

BELOW – Despite her protest, he was playing the guitar below her window almost every night.

ABOVE – Please, put your bags on the shelf above your heads.

ON TOP OF – There was a pretty ribbon on top of her head.

Prepositions of place
Prepositions of place

OUTSIDE – They made an arrangement to meet outside the restaurant.

OPPOSITE – Even though I hate noise, I bought a flat opposite the bus station.

AGAINST – There, you can lean your bicycle against the wall.

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