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20 Collocations with the Verb ‘Give’

Here are some natural collocations with the verb ‘give’:

Give sb a chance – allow someone to do or be something.
Ex: The manager decided to give him a chance and promote him.

Give the impression – opinion you have about someone.
Ex: Sheila gives the impression that she cares about her work.

Give your opinion – tell what you feel or think of something.
Ex: He asked me and I gave my opinion about our current situation.

Give a party – throw a party
Ex: Why don’t you visit us on Saturday, we’re giving a party.

Give a lesson / presentation / speech – present a lesson/presentation/speech
Ex: I’m giving a presentation on Monday. I couldn’t be more nervous.

Give smth a polish – improve something so it looks complete.
Ex: You should take private lessons to give polish to your English.

Give advice – an opinion given about acting in a particular situation.
Ex: Her doctor’s given her advice to lose weight.

Give attention – pay attention.
Ex: She didn’t give much attention to the noise.

Give sb a lift – take someone in your car.
Ex: Filip will give me a lift to work tomorrow.

Give sb a hand – help somebody.
Ex: I can’t do this. Would you give me a hand?

Give sb a call/ring – telephone someone.
Ex: I’ll give you a call later.

Give information – provide information.
Ex: The airline company was unable to give us any information about the flight.

Give love/best wishes/hugs/kisses – greet someone informally.
Ex: Sandra gives her best wishes to you and your family.

Give sb a smile – smile at someone.
Ex: The baby gave me a smile.

Give priority to sb/smth – treat someone/something as more important than others.
Ex: The government is giving priority to the flood victims.

Give welcome to sb – greet someone at their arrival.
Ex: They gave us a warm welcome at our arrival.

Give sb a headache – to give somebody a problem.
Ex: The news about the Coronavirus gave me a headache.

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