6 Phrasal Verbs with ‘Hold’

Here are six phrasal verbs with the verb ‘hold’:

HOLD TO – keep to something.
She was determined to hold to her decision.
Sally’s always held to her promises

HOLD BACK – retreat.
Don’t hold back. Tell us what you know about it.
I tried to talk to him but he held back immediately.

HOLD OFF – postpone, delay, cancel.
We should hold off the project until they approve the funds.
They’ve hold off buying a house until next yea

HOLD WITH – agree with, support.
I don’t hold with your suggestion.
If I weren’t your brother, I would never hold with your decision

HOLD DOWN – limit.
Please, hold your voice down.
They held down the prices in order to sell more.

HOLD ON – wait, stay put.
Hold on, I’ll be back in a minute.
Hold on a second, I need to answer the phone.

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