Phrasal verbs are very important for our everyday communication. Although they are more characteristic of spoken than written context, they still make an essential means of communication. Here is a great opportunity to learn five phrasal verbs with “call”:


Meaning: to telephone someone who called you earlier.

  • Leave me your phone number and Mr Williams will call you back later.
  • I’m at the meeting. Is it alright if I call you back later?


Meaning: to invite someone to do something.

  • I call on all of you to raise your glasses.
  • The coach called on me as if I was the only person responsible for us losing the game.


Meaning: to cancel.

  • The wedding was called off! Can you believe it?
  • We are sorry to inform you that the flight was called off due to the weather.


Meaning: make necessary, recommended.

  • This recipe is calling for thyme.
  • Tennis is such a sport that calls for a lot of sacrificing.


Meaning: to call someone in a loud voice.

  • The teacher called out in order to attract pupils’ attention.
  • Stop calling him out, he can’t hear you.
Phrasal verbs: CALL
Phrasal verbs: CALL

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