25 Collocations that Describe Someone’s Personality

Do you have a tendency to exaggerate or are you brutally honest? 😐 Learn the meanings of 25 expressions which describe personality which are natural English expressions for people’s qualities and character..

Good/bad company β€“ to be pleasant/unpleasant to be with.

Ex: They didn’t like him. He was a bad company.

Have a tendency to exaggerate / lose his/her temper / make snap (quick) decisions

Ex: Peter’s a great guy, but he sometimes loses his temper and makes snap decisions.

Speak your mind β€“ tell what you really think of something.

Ex: I like him because he always speaks his mind.

Enjoy your own company β€“ enjoy being by yourself.

Ex: Susan always goes to the cinema alone. She enjoys her own company.

Be fiery-tempered β€“ a person who is easily annoyed and moody.

Ex: He stopped going for basketball as his coach was fiery-tempered.

Have a sense of humour β€“ a witty person.

Ex: His jokes are so funny. He’s got a great sense of humour.

Have a way with words β€“ be skilled with words, eloquence.

Ex: Pierre was chosen to make a speech. He has a way with words.

Get easily bored β€“ having difficulty in finding interest in something.

Ex: Whatever toy I buy to our daughter she easily gets bored with it.

Strong personality β€“ confident and assertive person.

Ex: He became a boss because he has a strong personality.

Supremely confident β€“ extremely confident.

Ex: Susan is a supremely confident manageress.

Outgoing personality β€“ talkative and open person.

Ex: Gregory has an outgoing personality and he enjoys meeting new people.

Burning ambition β€“ desperately strong ambition.

Ex: He had a burning ambition to become a professional athlete.

Risk-taker β€“ a person who likes taking risks.

Ex: Sometimes you need to be a risk-taker if you want to make progress at work.

Shy and retiring β€“ a person who avoids meeting other people.

Ex: I wanted to introduce her to the company but she’s shy and retiring, so I gave up.

Have an eye for detail β€“ be particularly good at noticing small things.

Ex: Luckily, I have a good eye for detail so I noticed an irregularity in the contract.

Have a vivid imagination β€“ the ability to imagine things easily.

Ex: Thanks to her vivid imagination, the novel she wrote won an award.

Give the impression of – idea of what someone is like.

Ex: Liam gives the impression of a busy person.

Good at keeping secrets β€“ a confidant

Ex: Laura is good at keeping secrets.

Bear a grudge β€“ to remain angry with someone for past deeds or conflicts.

Ex: She’s still bearing a grudge against me for the argument we had 3 years ago.

Painfully shy β€“ extremely shy.

Ex: Keith was painfully shy when he was a teenager.

Keep your temper β€“ retain from anger.

Ex: It’s not easy to keep your temper with so many things going wrong.

Set high standards β€“ to do things better than others.

Ex: As a team leader, Lisa set high standards for her team.

Brutally honest β€“ be honest regardless of the other person’s feelings.

Ex: I don’t want to be brutally honest, but you look terrible in that dress.

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