We use reciprocal pronouns each other and one another when two or more people are acting on each other.

  • Rhina and Sam saw each other yesterday.
  • The boys helped one another do their homework.
  • They talk to each other in French.
  • Although they’ve known each other for a very short time, they were very close.
  • Many species in nature depend on one another.

Both each other and one another refer to either persons or things.

  • They connected the two computers to each other.
  • High mountains were facing one another.

In no so distant past, each other used to refer to two people and one another to more than two people. However, since this distinction is disappearing in modern English and the two phrases are becoming interchangeable, you may feel a bit insecure when deciding which one to use. Well, you don’t have to think about it anymore. Just give it a go!

  • Romeo and Juliet loved each other/one another.
  • People communicate to each other/one another over the Internet a lot today.

We can also use the possessive form of each other and one another:

  • Tom and Sally helped look after each other’s/one another’s children.
  • The two birds were trying to claw each other’s/one another’s eyes out.
Reciprocal Pronouns Each Other & One Another
Reciprocal Pronouns Each Other & One Another

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