We normally use HAVE/HAS BEEN in the Present Perfect Continuous Tense. HAS BEEN is used if the subject is third person singular (he/she/it) and HAVE BEEN is used for all other persons (I/you/we/they).

The Present Perfect Continuous refers to an action that started in the past and is still continuing in the present.

  • Maria has been studying for her exam since 8 o’clock. (and she still is)
  • We have been running for an hour. (and we still are)
  • Paul has been acting strangely lately. Should we ask him what’s going on?
  • I have been looking for you. Where have you been?
  • Mary and Tom have been seeing each other for quite some time. 
  • How long have you been living in Chester?

HAVE/HAS BEEN is also used as a form of “to be” in Present Perfect Simple / Continuous passive constructions.

  • Their house has been robbed while they were on holiday.
  • She has been named after her grandma.
  • I have been mistaken for my brother quite often. We look alike, you see.
  • The children have been absolutely adorable all morning. It is no chore babysitting them.

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