Adverbs of Time: Later, Yet, Still, For, Since

In today’s lesson, we are going to look at five adverbs of time: later, yet, still, for and since. So, stay tuned and pay attention! 🙂


Adverbs of time later is usually placed at the end or beginning of a sentence.

  • I will call you later.
  • Later, we went to the zoo.

It can also be placed after the main verb and usually has a function of comparative.

  • Our mail arrived later than usual.


YET is primarily used in negative and interrogative sentences. It is normally placed at the end of a sentence.

  • I haven’t had my breakfast yet.
  • Daren hasn’t gone to the dentist yet.
  • Have you finished your homework yet?
  • Have they decided about the wedding date yet?

YET can also be used in positive sentences to talk about a future possibility.

  • We might yet be able make a deal with them.
  • Things could yet improve in the company.


The adverb STILL is used to describe something that is happening continuously.

  • Tom is still thinking about moving to Corsica.
  • They are still not sure whether to continue with the project.

It can also be used with the modal verbs may, might, can, and could to describe something that was a possibility in the past, and which could possibly happen in the future.

  • We can still catch the 5.15 train.
  • I could still make it up to you.


We use FOR & SINCE when we talk about how long something happens.

We use FOR  with a time phrase that specifies a length of time.

  • I have been waiting for two hours.
  • Lorna has been studying English for five years.
  • We have lived here for 20 years.

We use SINCE with a specific point in time.

  • I haven’t eaten anything since 8 o’clock.
  • Bill has put on weight since he started working in that bakery.
  • They have been married since 2012.

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