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It’s a holiday season. Whether you’re spending your holiday in a fancy hotel or just want to take your girl-friend to a restaurant for a meal, here is some useful vocabulary to help you out:

Could we see the menu/drinks menu, please?

Could we have a bottle of sparkling/still mineral water, please?

The bread is stale. Could we have some fresh, please?

May I take your order?

What are you going to order for your first/main course?

The chocolate cake looks too heavy. Could we have a light dessert?

I would like a second helping of this delicious dish.

I’m not hungry. We could grab a bite to eat and go to the swimming pool.

We’ll have a bottle of house wine, please.

We’ll have a bottle of red/white dry/sweet wine.

It’s good that we made a reservation earlier. The restaurant is fully booked.

Do you have a table free for four people?

Are there any vegetarian dishes on the menu?

I ordered my steak well-done but they served it rare/medium.

Shall I ask for the bill?/ Could I have the bill, please?

Enjoy your meal!

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