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Mistaken Words Like and As

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Mistaken words like and as

There is a lot of confusion about the words “like” and “as” because they are similar in meaning. Here are some important differences between them:

LIKE is used:

  • to say what something or someone looks/is like.

Peter’s girlfriend looks like Annie Lennox.

Your doorbell scared me out. It sounds like a siren. 

I don’t like the soup. It smells like fish.

  • with noun / pronoun / gerund.

Everyone tells me that I look like my mum.

My brother is not at all like me.

The balloon ride was like flying. 

  • after be, feel, look, taste, seem + noun

Our vacation in Thailand was like a dream.

The castle looks like a tower.

AS is used:

  • to describe someone’s job/role:

He had worked as a waiter before college.

As your teacher, I am proud of you.

  • after be, known, describe, use 

He was known as an honest man.

You shouldn’t use your age as an excuse.

  • in expressions: as…as, such as…, the same as…

When the dog chased her, Jane ran as fast as she could.

Brian visited many Mediterranean countries such as Italy, France, and Greece.

Mistaken Words Like and As

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