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Bring or Take?

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The verbs bring and take are common and frequently used verbs in English and they form many collocations, phrasal verbs, etc. However, they are often confused because they both describe the movement from one location to another and sometimes it is not easy to decide whether something was brought or taken.

The verb BRING

The main difference is that bring describes the movement toward someone or something:

  • I’ll bring some tea.
  • Pam brought a friend to the party.
  • We should bring a camera to the picnic with us.

The verb TAKE

On the other hand, take describes the movement away from someone or something:

  • Take the empty cups back to the kitchen.
  • Take the rubbish to the bin.
  • I’ll take the dog out for a walk.

More examle sentences:

  • Could you bring me a pen and a piece of paper, plase?
  • We never take the car when we go shopping on Saturdays because the traffic is awful. We usually take a taxi.
  • I’m waiting for my nephew to bring me the parcel from the post office.
  • Lilly took her mum to the doctor’s last Tuesday.
  • Whenever Tom went shopping for clothes, he would bring his wife with him.
  • Next time we go to the beach, we’re taking the ball with us.

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