Collocations with -ING form

An eating disorder – People who suffer from eating disorder eat too little or too much.
Ex: I’m afraid my daughter’s developed an eating disorder. She’s lost 5 kilos in a month.
A balancing act – refers to a situation when someone has to accomplish many tasks at the same time.
Ex: It is quite a balancing act studying at college and working at the same time.
Growing pains -pains in the legs of growing children. It also refers to a company’s development.
Ex: This company is going through growing pains at the moment.
Asking price – the price demanded by the seller.
Ex: I believe that we can lower down the asking price for that Turkish carpet.

Shopping spree – a short period of time during which someone buys lots of things.
Ex: We went on a shopping spree this morning. I bought a beautiful dress!

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